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Starting this board for make up year-round, but mostly inspired by Halloween antics.:) MAC Creative makeup ideas you can use for Halloween with Mac Face.
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MAC Halloween Makeup

Swirling mist from fog machines added drama in the space outfitted with the likes of a full moon decor piece illuminating a graveyard scene. Universal's entertainment team collaborated with the creators of AMC's The Walking Dead , horror video game series Resident Evil , and horror films like Evil Dead to bring the event's elaborate haunted houses to life. Universal dedicated its entire experience to The Walking Dead —making this the first time that all of the zones throughout the park had a single pop cultural theme. Guests walked through iconic scenes from all three seasons of the show, such as the overrun city of Atlanta and Hershel's barn.

The Best Mermaid Makeup Ideas for Halloween

At the 23rd incarnation of Universal Orlando 's Halloween Horror Nights, eight new haunted houses, street experiences, and live shows spooked guests. The theme was inspired by Auntie Mame , with each room in the restaurant designed differently to mirror the film. The two-tiered grand staircase coiled down to the venue's signature room-length table, where a mass of fortune cookies served as a centerpiece. Costumed geishas and dragon ladies filled the foyer.

Let MAC and a Professional Makeup Artist Create Your Halloween Costume

The drawing room served as kabuki karaoke, the main dining room's theme became Mad Monster Mix, and the library offered "Mame's Cabinet of Curiosities. Entertainment came from Nadia Ali, and an elevated DJ booth fronted by illuminated cubes in the brand's color added to the design in the alfresco party space. The sold-out party drew more than 1, people at Villa Vecchia on Miami Beach, where 7, square feet of platform decking transformed the space and 15 fog machines filled it with mist. The event included nearly nude dancers, a costumed skeleton queen, Cirque de Mansion performers, and music by Lee Kalt.

Lighting lent an eerie feel to the event.

Alesandra Dubin. After choosing the words deteriorating, tempting, and vampire, Michelle Clark checked off all the boxes with this macabre makeup. For the occasion, John Stapleton turned himself into an incredible insect. Another nightmarish thought: imagine just how long this look would take to remove from your skin.

Regan Rabanal, on the other hand, put together a nightmare-inducing neon creature inspired by stuffed animals. The fluorescent pink hearts are my favorite part.

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Of course, someone had to do mermaid makeup , and Caitlin Callahan did it so well. Is this the alien bae Rihanna was referring to when naming her Galaxy collection? Victor Cembellin makes me think so.

Zombie Halloween Makeup How To | StyleCaster

The details of Cynthia's glittery skull look only appear in the dark or under a black light. Some looks M.

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Naturally, a M. Can we discuss Pennywise's glow with Alex Zandy's rendition? Polish makeup artist Sasha Macinsky went wild with his Halloween makeup, and it's kind of freaking me out how realistic it looks.

Click here for more Halloween makeup and hair ideas from Allure. Follow Devon Abelman on Twitter and Instagram. Optical Illusion, by Mimi Choi.