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Just when we thought that the MacBook Air had reached the end of its disruptive life, Apple has announced a new model, with a twist.
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At the time, laptops in its price range were already pushing p resolutions.

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However, the previous MacBook Air may never have achieved its legendary battery life figures if not for that highly-tuned if awfully muddled display resolution. We'll have to see how the new MacBook Air fares in our battery tests with its vastly sharper display.

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It almost seems assured that we won't see run times hit double digits. Here's where the MacBook Air fails to impress. We were hoping this latest rendition would feature full fat Intel Core processors that go up to quad-core, instead what we got was a machine that only features dual-core Intel Core Y-series CPUs.

As if that wasn't a bad enough blow, the MacBook Air only features albeit faster DDR3 2,MHz memory — the same type found on the MacBook — when many laptops have since moved onto DDR4 memory, which supports larger capacities. However, we were always surprised by what the laptop could do considering its limitations. That said, the MacBook Air internals are dated in some areas and relatively speaking lower-power than before in others, from the processor in use to the memory type on offer.

Hands-on with the new Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro - CNET

You could still easily get by merely word processing and web browsing on this laptop. The MacBook Air undoubtedly a better machine compared to its three-year old predecessor. But, it almost seems like a win by default.

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Of course, the MacBook Air is going to be the winning machine when it features a higher-resolution display, narrower screen bezels and newer processors. For example, an entry-level MacBook Pro comes with a dual-core 2. The MacBook Pros also have a much larger cache ultra-fast memory embedded on the CPU for reducing bottlenecks, and faster graphics.

Hands-on with the new Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Benchmarks are needed to put this difference into context, but even a basic MacBook Pro will be noticeably faster than a MacBook Air. If you do a reasonable amount of photo or video editing, the MacBook Pro is still the obvious choice. The new model is only around two centimetres narrower and grams lighter. The inch MacBook is the featherweight of the range at just grams. If you really want something ultra-light for general use, one of the new iPad Pros could well be a more sensible option.

Apple MacBook Air (2018) review

It should handle light photo editing just fine and will zip along at ample speed for everyday use, but it will struggle with chunky tasks such as advanced photo and video editing, and might falter if you're in the habit of running dozens of browser tabs at the same time. Battery life, while less than the MacBook Air, is still very good. By Oliver Franklin-Wallis. Stephen Baker, vice president of industry analysis at NPD, told Laptop Mag that the answer is quite simple: inventory and demand.

There is a familiarity with the previous MacBook Air that customers can rely on. After all, the Air was, for many years, the de-facto portable laptop for students and creative professionals, and avoided any major controversies during its long reign.

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Despite having aging components, a severely outdated design, and a lackluster feature set, the old MacBook Air is still the best laptop available for some users. One reason is because of its selection of ports. Apple modernized the new MacBook Air by trimming down its chassis.

But in doing so, it didn't leave any room for USB Type-A ports — the input used by nearly every peripheral and accessory made in the last decade. Some folks are better off buying the old MacBook Air for its keyboard: Not only does it not suffer from the same issues as the new keyboard does, but it's widely considered to be more comfortable, thanks to its deeper 1. Then, of course, there's the price. The biggest improvement is the new Retina display, which is brighter, more vivid and much sharper than the one on the model. Flanking that panel are the narrow bezels Apple brought to the version, one of the ways that it updated the laptop's design.

Along with faster overall performance, the new MacBook Air also comes with Thunderbolt 3 ports. This future-proof input enables superfast data transfer speeds, so you can quickly juice up your peripherals.