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ASUS BWD1S-U Lite is a Blu-ray writer that brings the extreme 12X Blu-ray PC/Mac compatible; Windows 10 compatible; Fastest 12X Blu-ray burning.
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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Is there a good external blu-ray burner? Friends I writing this with lots of pain. Over the last few weeks I was trying to burn bdmv files to Verbatim BD50 disks and wasted around 15 disks. I used neo, dvdfab and imgBurn softwares.

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Googles but didnt get any convincng answers. Im in the mindset to give up the whole idea now. But Is there anyone here who is burning bdmv movie files to blank BD 50 gb disks. If yes which burner they are using? What am I doing wrong. Is there any ray of hope left? Please help guys. What speed are you burning?

Originally Posted by Kerry Last edited by navarannan; 7th Sep at Supposing the BD drives are OK Originally Posted by El Heggunte. Originally Posted by navarannan. Any help is appreciated. There are two main issues with external BD-R drives: Some of these drives like that Samsung take power from the USB port itself. However, there is no guarantee that actual USB ports on any computer can actually provide this much, or even if there is power from them at all.

Devices like USB flash drives which consume little power or others which just use the data bus can't reliably tell either way. These writers in the thick and heat of recording a BD-R disc with motors and laser blazing away will consume lots of current that may faze some of these USB ports.

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Different computers react differently to over-current on a USB port; some will cut power off, others will limit it to the maximum, others will also disconnect the data and make the, gasp! I strongly discourage the use of BD-R writers of any ilk that is powered solely through a USB port or two , no matter how convincing its ads and specs are and reviews are. The Asus drive has an external power supply so it doesn't have to poach any from the USB port it's connected to. This leads us to the other potential issue: But lots of things can and often go wrong, or happens quite naturally, like the USB bus being polled while data transfers are taking place when data is being written to a BD-R.

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Originally Posted by turk Macgo EULA. Our software is not developed by or affiliated with Apple Inc. Your MacOS doesn't meet the minimum requirement. Please download Mac Standard version. Please purchase Mac Standard version. Macgo Blu-ray Media Player. Macgo iPhone Tools for Mac for Win.

ASUS External Blu-ray Drive

Help make Macgo better by sending usage statistics and crash reports to Macgo. System requirement notice: Can someone help me with the terminal commands? I have done some cursory research and it looks like it is needed to navigate through a Blu-Ray disc including reading the data on the disc and playing it in popular media players like VLC or MPlayer or Totem. The version is a little bit old and I can get a newer version from ATRpms, but I think that I will be all set to go come this upcoming Tuesday. I do not want to rip, encode, and compress Blu-Ray discs.

I would appreciate more help with the cdrecord package. Join Date Aug Posts 4, It solved my problem that I had with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

I can now read Adobe. Watching Blu-Ray movies would be nice as would be the capability to write to single and dual layer blank Blu-Ray discs, but it is not a necessity.

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I choose to rip, encode, and compress to. FLAC loss less audio files and. By next Wednesday, May 9th, , I will have up to 7. I also use TrueCrypt 7.

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I am hopeful that everything will work right out of the box. I tried to use VLC, but it did not work.

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